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Content Translation allows the system to provide User Entered reporting content across multiple languages by allowing users to translate content such as Report Names, Column Titles, Chart Labels, etc.

In order to enable multiple languages, the following process must be completed:

  1. Create content
  2. Define which languages should be supported in the system
  3. Enable Translation in Configuration & appropriate Role Permissions
  4. Export User Entered Text as a CSV
  5. Translate CSV for all required languages
  6. Import translations back into the system
  7. Allow users to change their preferred language through Browser settings or My Profile
  8. Maintain Translations

Enabling Content Translation

The following must be completed in order to use Content Translation in Yellowfin:

  1. The Translation Role Permission must be enabled by
    1. Navigating to Administration > Admin Console > Role Management
    2. Edit the Role(s) you wish to give Translation Access to
    3. Enable the Administration > Translate Content permission
    4. Save your changes
      Note: in order to access the newly enabled Translation functionality, users will have to log out and then log in.
      Note: this is only required in order for a user to translate content themselves, users do not require this role permission to merely view the translated content.
  2. Define the languages to be supported in the system by
    1. Navigating to Administration > Configuration > Region tab, expanding the Language Settings section.
    2. Set Multi-Language Deployment to On
    3. Select the required languages and click +
    4. You should now have a list of supported languages.
    5. Click Save to update the settings.