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Log into the Yellowfin mobile app by using:

  • Your Yellowfin server login credentials.
  • Your Yellowfin mobile onboarding invitation link (this method does not require login credentials).

Logging in with Yellowfin credentials

Use your Yellowfin server username and password to log in.

  1. Open the app, and tap on the Login button

  2. At the login screen, tap on What is my server URL?
    The Server URL is the address of the server where Yellowfin is deployed

    A pop-up will appear, explaining how to obtain the correct URL if you are unsure

  3. Tap OK to return to the login screen

  4. When at the login screen, specify your Server URL

  5. Enter your Yellowfin username and password
    The username field is case-sensitive

    To log into a specific client organization, provide the Client Org reference ID, otherwise leave this field empty

  6. Tap on the Login button to continue

  7. Choose a quick authentication method and tap the Continue button
    Available quick authentication options depend on your mobile device, and make sure your chosen quick authentication method is pre-configured

    Tap Skip to setup later

  8.  Swipe left on each of the introductory pages, and tap Got it! on the last page

  9. Once logged in, Yellowfin mobile will display your Timeline

    The next time you log in, you will be taken straight to your Timeline.

Logging with a Yellowfin mobile onboarding invitation

The Yellowfin mobile onboarding invitation simplifies the login process by removing the requirement for login credentials. Users receive email invitations with a link, that when tapped, automatically opens the app on their instance of Yellowfin without the need for for login details, such as a username, password, server URL, or Client Org. 

Sending invites

Yellowfin sends onboarding email invitations on behalf of: 

  • Admins to multiple or specific users, or
  • Users to themselves (users must have the correct role function enabled)

Issuing and revoking onboarding invitations - admin level

Admins send invitations to users by following the steps below. 


Before issuing onboarding invitations to users, make sure your email configuration has been set up in Yellowfin on your desktop computer. You will also need to define an external URL to access this instance by specifying your IP address (in the External Instance Base URL field under General Settings). 

  1. From a desktop computer, use a web browser to access Yellowfin

  2. Click on the  in the top left corner of the screen, then click on Administration
  3. If required, scroll down the list of options, then click on Mobile Access Management to display the Mobile Access Management page

    The Mobile Access Management page displays a list of invitees, allowing you to manage users’ access to the mobile app

  4. Click on the New onboarding token button.

  5. In the popup, add the users (or groups) you would like to invite
    If you wish to avoid sending duplicate invitations to users who have already received invitations (even if they haven’t taken action), click on the Disregard users who have already onboarded check box

  6. Click on the Send button to send the invitations

    The new users will be added to the Mobile Application Access Management page

  7. To revoke access to the mobile app, click Revoke user tokens

  8. To revoke access for a user or users, type their name in the field and click the user from the dropdown list

  9. Click Revoke
  10. The selected user will be removed from the Mobile Application Access Management page

Issuing and revoking onboarding invitations - user level

Users can send themselves an invitation to initiate the onboarding process for Yellowfin mobile. This process can be performed by any user (not specifically an admin), provided they have the Mobile Self Invite role function enabled.

The Mobile Self Invite mobile role function must be enabled for this process. Your system administrator will be able to assist. 

  1. From your desktop computer, use a web browser to access Yellowfin
  2. Click on the  in the top left corner of the screen, then click on Profile Settings

  3. If required, scroll down the list of options and expand the Mobile Access Management section
    The Mobile Access Management page allows you to issue an onboarding token to your mobile device, and manage your deployed tokens

  4. Click on the New onboarding token button
    A confirmation message will appear

  5. Click the Send button to confirm and send an invitation

    A new token will be added to the Mobile Access Management section

  6. To revoke your mobile app onboarding token, click Cancel next to the token

    The token will be removed automatically

Logging in with an onboarding token

If you have received a Yellowfin onboarding token, follow the steps below to log into the app.

Make sure you have installed the Yellowfin mobile app prior to logging in.

  1. Using your mobile device, access the invitation email you received
  2. Tap on the ‘click here to open and log in’ link within the email

  3. The app will open on your device and automatically log you in

Your preferred browser is opened first, before the app is launched. Depending on your security settings, a confirmation message might appear, seeking permission to launch the app.

If you exit or switch to another app, you will remain logged in for 15 minutes before being logged out automatically

Use Yellowfin's Sample Content

Yellowfin's sample data allows you to browse and interact with our library of Signals, Stories and Reports. You can trial the mobile app using Yellowfin’s sample content by following these steps.

  1. Tap on the ‘Try on our sample data’ link at the bottom of the Login screen

    A form will appear

  2. Tap on each field of the form to enter your details

  3. Tap on the See it button to submit your details
    You will receive an email containing the login details to access Yellowfin’s sample data server from the app

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