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Use this input step in your transformation flow to extract data from a third-party connector.


The connectors currently supported are: Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Salesforce.


Step Configuration

Follow the guidelines below to configure a third-party connector step:

  1. Click on the Input Steps button on the left side of the Transformation Flow builder, to view a panel will all the input steps.
  2. Drag the Third-party Table Connector onto the canvas.

  3. A list of all third-party data sources will appear. (You can also click on the Not here? link at the bottom to create a new third-party source.)

  4. Choose the data source that you want to use.
  5. Then select a table from the chosen data source.
  6. Finally, click Submit.

  7. Next choose the fields that are to be extracted.
  8. If the connector has any mandatory filters, provide details for them. For example, when extracting data from a Google Analytics table, you will need to provide the start and end dates to filter your data.
  9. Click on the Apply button. The extracted data will appear in the data preview panel.




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