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Export setting


Save Current SettingsThis checkbox is handy if you'd like to use the same settings for future exports (particularly if you switch off the Use Default Layout Values option to choose your own). By default, this radio button is checked so your settings will be automatically saved for next time, but if wish to create a one-off PDF file with specific settings that you don't plan to use again, uncheck this box.

Page Size

Select the page size for your PDF file. This allows other layout settings to be configured properly.


Choose the orientation of your file.

Use Default Layout Values

This toggle lets you alter the default system layout settings for this exported PDF. It does not update the system defaults.

If disabled, the options below will appear.

Shrink to Fit Page Width

If enabled, the report content will be shrunk to fit the page width.

Header Height (px)If your report contains a header, enter the header's height in this box to avoid any overlap between your header and the top of the report.
Footer Height (px)If your report contains a footer, enter the footer's height in this box to avoid any overlap between the report contents and your footer.

Report Section Page Break

If enabled, this option creates page breaks for report sections. This ensures that each new section in a report will start at the top of a new page.

Note that Yellowfin splits the report table when report sections are defined, creating a separate table for each report section.

Co-Display Report Page Break

If enabled, this option creates page breaks for co-display reports. This ensures that each co-display report will start from the top of a new page in the exported PDF.

Secure PDF

Allows you to secure a PDF with password protection.

PDF password

If Secure PDF is enabled, enter a password to open secure files.