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Autorun Report on Load

Choose whether or not to run the report on first load. You might use this option for daily reports so that they display the most up-to-date data upon loading.

Remember Filter Values

Choose whether or not to remember previously applied filter values for this report for when it is next loaded. For example, a daily report might include a dynamic date of 'yesterday' in its filters. However, if the daily report contains a filter with a date to be manually selected, you might opt out of using this feature for that report.

Drill Filters

Choose whether the filter panel and filter breadcrumbs of the child report will appear after a drill through takes place. This only needs to be set on the parent report. There are three options:

  • Open: The filter panel is maximized, displaying the filter list, and the applied filter breadcrumbs appear at the top of the child report.
  • Closed: The filter panel is minimized, with the option to open the panel to display the filter list. Applied filter breadcrumbs still appear at the top of the child report.
  • Hidden: The filter panel is minimized, with the option to open the panel, but the filter list remains hidden. Applied filter breadcrumbs are not displayed.

Regardless of which option you choose, a breadcrumb list of applied filters is always displayed at the top of a report, which cannot be manipulated.

Minimize Filter Section

Choose whether to show or minimize the display of filters upon the first load of the report.

Filter Date Reference

Choose how the report should apply filter date periods — either relative to the current date, or relative to the date when the view was last updated.