The Yellowfin installer is a java archive (.jar) file. This is essentially a zip-compatible file, with some special properties. The Java Development Kit comes with a command-line tool for creating and extracting these files, called jar (jar.exe on Windows).

Customising the Yellowfin installer involves adding certain files to the installer. To do this, you should extract the contents of the installer, add the files in the correct location in the installer’s file structure, and then re-create the jar archive.

To extract the contents of the installer archive:

jar xvf /path/to/yellowfin-yyyymmdd-full.jar

This will create the expanded file structure of the installer archive in the current directory. You should not modify any of the extracted files. Add any files you need to in the correct location under this directory. The custom properties file must be named custom.properties, and must be in the top-level directory. Any other files referenced as resources in the custom properties file will be specified using a path relative to this directory. After any additional files are added, re-create the archive:

jar cvmf META-INF/MANIFEST.MF /path/to/yellowfin-modified.jar *

This command creates a new installer jar file, using the contents of the original file and any additional files you have added. The jar manifest file from the original installer is used.

The Windows executable installer file cannot be modified in this way. To create a modified Windows installer, first create a modified .jar installer as above, then use Launch4J to convert it to an executable file.

See http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/ for more information.