Download the SAML Bridge & Configuration File

You can download the SAML bridge from Yellowfin’s marketplace:

  1. Log in to Yellowfin’s Marketplace
  2. Click on the option for Connectors
  3. Choose SAML Bridge from the selection of connectors available on Yellowfin
  4. When the bridge option expands, click on the Download button. (If you see the Login to Download button instead, you will first need to log in to the Marketplace to continue)

  5.  The SAML bridge file should now be downloaded

  6. Press the Click here for instructions link to download a seperate file for instructions on how to configure your SAML setup

Establish a Connection Through the SAML Bridge

You can establish a SAML bridge connection to import your client’s directory into Yellowfin.

  1. Create a folder for the SAML bridge in your computer’s webapps folder (your Yellowfin folder >  appserver > webapps) and give it an appropriate name
  2. Unzip the bridge file you downloaded and place its contents into this folder
  3. Refer to the instruction/configuration file, previously downloaded from Yellowfin's marketplace and configure your SAML setup according to its instructions
  4. Next, restart Yellowfin’s web server. (This could be a TomCat server)
  5. The SAML entity will start working now and you will see the following screen. (Note: This is a customizable screen, which can be edited by you)

  6. Click on the Login button; your SAML application’s login page will appear. (Our example below shows the login screen for the SAML application we use.)

  7. Provide your login credentials and click the Login button
  8. If your credentials get authenticated through the Yellowfin bridge, you will be taken to your Yellowfin dashboard
  9. However, there are a number of issues that can appear, and hence the error will be displayed on the screen. Following is a list of all the possible errors that could occur