You want to measure the density of an occurrence or a metric value based on an hour, relative to other times in the same day of the week.

Chart Data Options



Horizontal Axis

This is the time field that will be used to identify days of the week and hours of the day.

Vertical Axis

Typically a numeric value such as $. An item that you want to measure on your Chart


Week Density Chart Tutorial



In order to set up a Week Density Chart you will need:

  1. Create a report with chart display
    1. Select a field to use as the Horizontal Axis
    2. Select a field to use as the Vertical Axis
  2. Create your chart, selecting Week Density as the type under the Special Purpose heading
  3. Provide the Horizontal Axis and Vertical Axis options
  4. Customise the Chart as required
  5. Proceed to the Output step
  6. Save your report