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Yellowfin allows users to create dashboard tabs. Administrators may need to manage the tabs contained in a system, viewing usage information, editing, and deleting them.

To access the Dashboard Management list go to Administration > Admin Console > Dashboard Management.

Tab Information

The schedule list allows you to search, view, edit, pause, run, and delete scheduled tasks.


When editing or deleting tabs from a system it's important to understand which users these changes may effect. While viewing information on a tab, click the Show Users option to view the names of users who currently have the tab displayed on their dashboard.

Edit Tab

Viewing the details of a tab and then clicking the Edit button will allow an administrator to make adjustments to the tab metadata, security, and report content.

They also have the opportunity to access the tab itself from here, if they wish to make more complex changes, by clicking on the Click here to go to this tab link.

Delete Tab

From the list of dashboard tabs, an administrator is able to select one or many tabs and click the Delete button to wipe them from the system.




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