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Yellowfin allows partners and clients to integrate Yellowfin into an existing application or intranet. This allows for seamless user and data integration, and for the replication of user security at the report data level.

Integration usually involves the following steps:

As well as the use of:

Open Source Libraries

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Statement

Yellowfin ships with some restrictive open source libraries. Yellowfin does not link to or directly reference these libraries, and Yellowfin’s use of these libraries is in compliance with each applicable open source licence. Yellowfin is designed to compile independently and without reference to these open source libraries. It is, however, technically possible for a Yellowfin partner or end user to alter the Yellowfin application – for example, by adding additional pages and/or plug-ins and/or libraries – which could directly or by combination with those libraries, violate the open-source licenses applicable to the libraries shipped with Yellowfin. There are numerous situations where such license violations could occur, including, but not limited to, incorporation of database drivers and authentication processes into the Yellowfin environment.

The Yellowfin partner, or end user, must ensure that any additions or modifications to the Yellowfin code do not enhance or extend, in any manner, the scope of use of the open source libraries shipped by Yellowfin beyond the scope of use originally utilized by Yellowfin and do not link to or directly reference those libraries.

Yellowfin disclaims all liability and responsibility for any violation of any open source license caused by additions or modifications to the Yellowfin code.