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In order to get to know Yellowfin you will first need to have access to an installation. To set up Yellowfin yourself follow the installation steps outlined here. Be sure to install the Tutorial Database during step 4 of the installation if you wish to use the same sample content that is demonstrated throughout the wiki examples.

An Administrator User is created by default during the installation process. This user has access to all the functions required for this evaluation including administration and reporting functions.




Password (default)


First Login

1. To login go to the entry page for your installation of Yellowfin within your web browser. This is usually at:





This is the name of the server that Yellowfin has been installed on. Look for your computer name if you have installed on your own machine.


This is the port that Yellowfin has been told to use during Step 6 of the Installation.

An example of a URL might be:


2. Enter the following details:

  • Username:
  • Password: test

3. Press the Login button.

4. You should now be logged in to Yellowfin and taken to a Welcome page.

As this is your first time logging in to the system you will be presented with a Welcome page prompting you to update your password and provide some details for your User Account.

5. Update your password and provide any details you wish. A description of all the options can be found here.

6. Click the Save Personal Settings button to continue.

You will now find yourself on a secondary Welcome page that guides you to either an Introductory Storyboard to view, or your Dashboard.

7. Click the Show me my Dashboard button to proceed to the Dashboard page of Yellowfin.

The Dashboard page will now load, looking similar to the example on the right.

Further Information

For more information around Welcome Pages see the User Welcome page.