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Storyboard is a presentation layer in Yellowfin that allows users to create slide shows with fully functional reports as well as text, images, and videos.





There are several methods for navigating an Active Storyboard:

  1. Arrows - Use the mouse to click on the left and right arrows displayed on the sides of the current slide to move.
  2. Slider - Drag the slider to move through the Storyboard Slides. A popup with the name of each slide will appear as you do.
  3. Keyboard - Use the Left and Right arrows to navigate through slides, and Up and Down to move between a Content slide and its Associated Content slides.
  4. Table of Contents - Click on the name of a slide on the Table of Contents slide (if used) to navigate to that slide.


When your Storyboard is in Draft mode you will have access to three menus:

  1. Storyboard
  2. Slide
  3. Collaborate

Storyboard Menu

This menu allows you to configure all the options applied to the Storyboard as a whole, including Theme selection.

See Storyboard Settings for more information.

Slide Menu

This menu allows you to configure all the options available to the current slide, including Slide Type.

See Slide Settings for more information.

Collaborate Menu

This menu allows you to configure who has access to your Storyboard.

See Access for more information.




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