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The Activity Stream panel is designed to give users access to collaborative functions and information related to a piece of content they are currently viewing. This panel can be accessed on the Browse page when exploring Reports, Dashboards, Storyboards, and Discussion Streams. You can also view the panel when viewing an individual Report, Dashboard, or Storyboard page.


Finding the Activity Stream

The Activity Stream can be accessed via two methods, depending on the type of page you are on at the time.

PageActivity Stream Access

Content Page

This includes Report, Dashboard, and Storyboard pages.

Comment Button

The comment button was previously used to access the collaboration panel on a piece of content, allowing you to read and make comments of your own. Now it opens the Activity Stream panel on the right hand side of the screen, which contains the comment functionality, as well as a range of other items.

Browse Page

This is when you are exploring various pieces of content in the system.

This includes Reports, Dashboard Tabs, Storyboards, and Discussion Streams.

Information Button

When on the browse page you can now select a single piece of content (single mouse click to highlight the item blue), then click on the Information icon to open the Activity Stream panel on the right hand side of the screen.



Then panel itself is made up of three main parts;




This displays all recent activity related to the content you've selected (in the Browse page) or are currently viewing. This includes;

    • Comments
    • Edits
    • Shares

If you are viewing a Dashboard that contains Sub Tabs, you have the option of viewing the activity for all sub tabs on the current tab, but by default you just see activity for the current sub tab. A similar function is available for Storyboards - by default you will only see the activity for the current slide, but the stream filters can be adjusted to view activity for all slides in the current storyboard.



Through the Activity Stream, users have the opportunity to view, create, and respond to comments.


Add Comment

Users can post a new comment through the Activity Stream by clicking on the Add Comment button.

See Comments, Tasks, and Decisions for more information.


View Comment Stream

Opening a comment to view it or respond will open the post's discussion thread.

  1. Reply

  2. Open

  3. View Comment Stream

  4. Close Comment Stream



Users can create a new task from the Activity Stream by click on the Add Task button.

See Comments, Tasks, and Decisions for more information.


View Task

You can view and respond to a task through the Activity Stream, which will open it in it's own stream.

  1. View or Reply to task

  2. Task Stream

  3. Close Task Stream



You can sort the display of items in the activity stream by date in ascending or descending order.



You can filter the types of items displayed in your activity stream by clicking on the filter icon.




This tab displays summary details related to the currently viewed or selected piece of content.

Content Detail Summary

The information includes:

    • Name
    • Thumbnail
    • Last Modified by (DP)
    • Recently Accessed by (DPs)
    • # Reads last 30 Days (sparkline and number)
    • Description
    • Last Updated (date)
    • Security
    • Sub Folder/Folder (if applicable)
    • Share URL



Clicking on the More link will allow you to display the standard information lightbox related to the piece of content.

Content Details Lightbox

This displays a range of information related to the content.




The community tab allows you to see a list of users that are associated with the content you're viewing. By default this is filtered down to just users you are connected to, but you can change the filter to show all users.


From this list, you are able to interact with other users through the drop down list next to their name.



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