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A report can be set up to have more than one broadcast schedule. This allows you to have different schedules and audiences for the same report. Once you have enabled Broadcasting you will be able to schedule reports for regular delivery from the Broadcast menu.

Note: your report must be active to define a broadcast schedule.

Broadcast Types

There are three delivery types available:

Broadcast (personal and shared)

This allows for report results to be sent to users via email. A personal broadcast is only sent to the user who created it.

FTP Schedule

This allows report results to be pushed out using FTP.


Enabling Broadcasts

In order to use the Broadcasting functionality in Yellowfin, you will need to ensure the following are enabled:

  1. An Administrator will need to enable Broadcasting on the Data Source Connection
  2. An Administrator will need to enable the Broadcasting Role Permissions for User Roles that require it
  3. The Report Writer will need to enable Broadcasting on the Report

    See Report & Edit Menus for more information.