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Displays images sized in such a way to correspond to a metric.

Chart Data Options




This is the category label for the X axis


This is the image file to be used for the shape of the infographic
Note: if you wish to use your own image you will need to make sure it has some transparency. Basically, any area of the image that has colour (of any shade) will be coloured in the chart, any transparent area will be left blank. You need some transparent area in order for the chart to be anything other than a large block shape.

Horizontal Axis

Optional: this is the value displayed directly above each image


Typically a numeric value such as $. An item that you want to measure on your Chart


Comparative Infographic Tutorial



In order to set up a Comparative Infographic Chart you will need:

  1. Create a report with chart display
    1. Select a field to use as the Colour
    2. Select a field to use as the Size
  2. Create your chart, selecting Proportional Infographic as the type under the Special Purpose heading
  3. Provide the Colour, Horizontal Axis, and Size options
  4. Select or Upload an image
  5. Customise the Chart as required
  6. Proceed to the Output step
  7. Save your report