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There are several ways you can access your content in Yellowfin. These include the Dashboard, Browse & Search, My Content, Left Side Navigation, and Timeline functionality.



The Yellowfin dashboard is your personal reporting portal. At a glance you can view all your key reports on a single page.
The dashboard allows you to switch between tabs to view subject related reports, search your corporate repository for dashboard enabled reports and add them to your selected tab, or access a corporate tab.

See Dashboard for more information.


Browse Page & Search

The Browse Page is one of the main ways to find and run reports in Yellowfin. It shows you all the reports that you have access to and allows you to add these documents into your favourites - providing you with a short cut to you most used reports.

See Browse Page for more information.


My Content

The My Content menu contains access to the following groups of content:

  1. My Favourites: a list of pieces of content set as 'favourite' by the user.
  2. Drafts: a list of the last 5 pieces of content accessed that are currently in Draft mode.
  3. Recently Accessed: a list of recently accessed content that is currently Active.

See My Content for more information.


Left Side Navigation

This navigation style was introduced in Yellowfin 7.2 as an alternative to the traditional toolbar. Main system areas are able to be accessed via the collapsible panel on the left of the page, outside of Yellowfin builders such as Report, Storyboard, and View Builders.

See Navigation for more information.



The timeline is used to view event information around selected users and/or types of content.

See Timeline for more information.