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Can be used with categorical, sequential or time-series data. Bubble size and location combine to effectively display 3-D data on a 2-D chart.


Chart Data Options



Horizontal Axis

Select the metric or date to use as the x axis measurement.

Vertical Axis

Select the metric or date to use as the y axis measurement.


Optional: Select a metric to set the size of each bubble.


Optional: You can select one field to split your values by colour.


Scatter Chart Tutorial


In order to set up a Scatter Chart you will need:

  1. Create a report with chart display
    1. Select a field to use as the Horizontal Axis
    2. Select a field to use as the Vertical Axis
    3. Select a field to use as the Size (optional field)
    4. Select a field to use as the Colour (optional field)
  2. Create your chart, selecting Scatter as the type under the Analytical heading
  3. Provide the Horizontal Axis, Vertical Axis, Size, and Colour options
  4. Customise the Chart as required
  5. Proceed to the Output step
  6. Save your report



1.  Start the Report creation process by using one of these methods:


    • Left Side Nav - open the left side navigation panel, click on Create, select the Report option


    • Top Right Button - click on the create button, select the Report option.


    • Toolbar - click on the Create link in the toolbar, select the Report option.

You will now see the New Report lightbox.

Left Side Nav

Top Right

(with Left Side Navigation enabled)


2. Click on the Ski Team view in order to use the fields defined within it for creating the report.

3. You will now be taken to the Data step of the Report Builder.

4. Add Age at Camp, Demographic, and Athlete Counter to Columns.

5. Remove the aggregation from the Age at Camp field.

6. Proceed to the Charts step of the builder.

7. Select the Scatter chart from the Analytical section of the charts panel on the right of the screen.

8. Set the following components:

  • Horizontal Axis: Age at Camp
  • Vertical Axis: Sum Athlete Counter
  • Colour: Demographic

9. Save your report