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Each Yellowfin node will be configured by default to run background tasks, which includes the broadcasting of reports. This potentially could send reports multiple times to end users. Because of this it is recommended that background tasks be enabled on one node only.


System Tasks

Disable the background system tasks by removing (or commenting-out) the following XML block from the web.xml. This will disable system tasks, like Group Flattening, LDAP synchronization, Event Archiving, Document Cleanup and Average Run time calculations.




Task Scheduler

Disable the task scheduler by adding the following to the web.xml file, inside the MIStartup Servlet block.

This will disable all tasks visible in the Task Schedule menu within the Yellowfin interface. This includes broadcasting, populating cached filters, scheduled reports and populating cached views.





Dynamic Delegation

In DYNAMIC and REPOSITORY modes, delegation of background tasks can be done dynamically. If a node running background tasks fails, tasks will be delegated to another node.






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