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This displays a list of content tags currently defined in the system. From here the administrator can add, edit, view usage, and delete tags. Content tags are used to group content into subjects outside of their Content Category storage locations to make for easy searching on the Browse Page and other search panels. Tags can be used by the following content:

  1. Discussions
  2. Reports
  3. Dashboards
  4. Storyboards
  5. Images
  6. Annotations

Navigate to Administration > Admin Console > Content Tags to access a list of available tags.


Add Tag

To create a new tag to apply to content, click on the Add button at the bottom of the Content Tags list. From here you will need to provide a text label for your tag, and Save.


Edit Tag

To edit a tag, or view its content usage, click on the tag name in the Content Tags list.

From here you will be able to adjust the text of the tag, and see a content type breakdown of where the tag is used.


Delete Tag

To delete a tag, click on the x icon at the end of the row in the Content Tags list. From here you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Note: deleting tags does not delete the content using the tag, just the grouping itself.




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