Startup / Shutdown Procedure

Yellowfin has two main functional components involved in the startup and shutdown procedures:

  1. Database
  2. Application Server
    The sequence for startup is to startup the database and then startup the application server. The sequence for shutdown is to shutdown the application server and then shutdown the database.


The Database must be started up and brought up successfully before the Application Server is started. If the database is not ready to accept database connections and calls before the application server is started, the Yellowfin Application server will fail to start up.

In the case of an unsuccessful start up of the database DO NOT attempt to start up the application server. Instead, determine the cause of the database start up failure and resolve the problem before attempting to start up the application server.

If the application server starts up and fails as the result of an unsuccessful database start up, wait until the startup sequence completes. Once it has completed, shutdown the application server.

Tomcat Application Server

After the database has been successfully started up, startup the application server.

Windows Users

If Yellowfin has been installed as a service:

The Yellowfin application server will be controlled by the Service Manager (ie. Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services under Windows 2000).

If Yellowfin has NOT been installed as a service:

The Yellowfin application server can be started and stopped by selecting the Start Yellowfin Server and Stop Yellowfin Server icons respectively in the Yellowfin Program Group.

Yellowfin can also be started and stopped using the startup.bat and shutdown.bat files located in the $INSTALL_DIRECTORY\appserver\bin directory.

Once the Yellowfin server has been successfully started, check that the application is functioning correctly by selecting the Yellowfin Home Pag_e in the _Yellowfin Program Group.

Mac / Linux Users

Yellowfin can be started and stopped using the and files located in the $INSTALL_DIRECTORY\appserver\bin directory.


Initial Login

When first logging in to Yellowfin it is suggested that you use the user. This user will permit you to undertake administration activities such as creating new source connections and views.

Default User

When Yellowfin is installed the default user provided has the default administrator role.

User ID


This user has full Administrative privileges. Any user with these authorities has the maximum capabilities with the system. It is recommended that very few users have access to this userid.

Note: The initial password is test.

Update Password

It is highly recommended that these default password of default users be changed as soon as the installation has completed successfully for security reasons.



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