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Who are Business Users?

Yellowfin's business users are the decision-makers of their organizations. Therefore, their use of the BI platform revolves around getting the data they want, collaborating with others, and other tasks that are made remarkably easy for them by Yellowfin.

You will find Yellowfin to provide consistent, trust-worthy data, intuitive reports, and data exploration to make insights easier to understand and be used. Not only this, but with the help of personalized dashboards, subscriptions and alerts, we can confirm data relevancy, so that you only receive the data that you require, when you need it. You can rely on Yellowfin for timely decision-making by using real-time data access, delivery to all mobile devices and embedded analytics on any web-based platform. Our stunning visualizations and collaboration features make for an engaging experience for all your stakeholders.


Quick Guide

If you qualify as a consumer of content, here is a simple process on how to best use this platform.

  1. You can manually create and view basic reports and charts. (Refer to our section on reports to learn about this.)
  2. You can also let Yellowfin do an automated data analysis for you. (Click here to see how this can be done.)
  3. View storyboards.
  4. Collaborate with other users. (Our collaboration section provides a detailed understanding on this.)



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