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Who are Enterprise IT?

These are the system administrators of an organization, who are responsible for deploying, integrating and managing the Yellowfin platform. Such users will be responsible for user management and role permissions, creating data sources and views, managing access to content by managing content folders, and ensuring correct configuration of the system.


Quick Guide

As a system administrator, you will be responsible for the administrative configurations of the Yellowfin platform. Our Administration module provides detailed instructions on how to perform various such actions. However, some of your more specific tasks as an administrator will require you to ensure that:

  1. Users have appropriate access to the system. This is done by creating users, assigning role permissions, and defining any source filter requirements.
  2. Users have appropriate access to data. This is done by creating and assigning access to Data Sources and Preparing Data using Views.
  3. Users have appropriate access to content. This is done by creating and assigning access to Content Folders.
  4. The system is correctly configured. This is done by defining the Configuration and Content Settings settings required.



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