Insight Security Access Types

Administrators should ensure that Assisted Insights security functions are enabled for users. Yellowfin does so by default. However to enable or disable these functions, follow the steps in this guide. There are three new security access functions associated with this functionality, that appear under the Augmented Data Discovery section.

Security Access FunctionDescription

Assisted Discovery

This gives access to the Assisted Discovery functionality available in the Report Builder.

Instant Insight

This gives access to the Instant Insights functionality available on charts.

Instant Insight Settings

This gives access to the Insights Settings feature available in the View builder. This is required to then configure the settings for Instant Insights.

Granting Security Access

The security access for the Assisted Insights functionality is enabled by default. However, in case it is not, the following steps show you how to enable or disable it:

  1. Get to the Admin Console screen (left side menu > Administration > Admin Console). 

  2. Expand the Roles panel, and click on a user role for which these settings are to be enabled. 

  3. Expand the Augmented Data Discovery section, and ensure that the required security access functions are enabled for the selected role. 

  4. To disable any of the functionality, un-select the checkbox for it.

  5. Click on the Save button, to update the changes.

  6. You must log out of the system and then log in again for these settings to take effect.

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