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Yellowfin has the ability to workflow Yellowfin Views. Approval workflow allows multiple users to author views but have those views validated by the data expert prior to being published and made available to the audience.


Basic Flow

Following is a simple description of how this workflow is executed:

  1. Your administrator can either create a new content folder or edit a pre-existing one with the approval requirement rights enabled, and assign a user or group of users as its approver(s). (Click here for more detail on this step.)
  2. When a view creator creates a view in that particular content folder, they will first need to get authorisation from an assigned approver to publish it. (To learn more, click here.)
  3. The approver on receiving this request, can assess the view before deciding to approve or reject it. (For more information on this, click here.)


The BPMN diagram below depicts the view approval process flow more clearly:


Users who have Approval Administration Role security settings don't need to get approval, they can just approve anything.

Please note that during the import process, folders that have restrictions on them and require expert approval for their content to be made available to the users, will have this restriction removed. The status of the contents within these folders will be changed to active.





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