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Security on the view is used to set who has access to the view through the Report Builder, i.e. who can create/see reports based on the view. The three options available are:


All users with functional access to the database can write reports against this view.

Edit restricted

Only defined users will be able to create a report using this view. All other users will be able to read the reports that have been created by authorised users.


Only defined users can read and/or write reports from data in this view.

Note: these options do not control who can edit the view itself, they only control the Report Builder access to the view.


Assigning Security

  1. Once you have selected the ‘secure’ option from the view option the security management step will be displayed.
  2. You will need to search for which users or groups require access. Click the search link and select the user or group required.
  3. Select the appropriate access level.
  4. Click the add button to add them to the access list. You can add as many users or groups as users to the list as appropriate.

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