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Web services are used for managing communication between a third-party application and Yellowfin. These are XML based and independent of the programming language used to develop a third-party application.

The web service interface Yellowfin exposes use SOAP, which is a protocol widely used for web services. Yellowfin provides a Java web service API for connecting to the SOAP web services, but it is also possible to connect from practically any other programming language or environment such as .NET, Ruby and Python. 


There are two groups of web services:

  • Administration Services are used to manage administrative functionalities involving user, content and client orgs management, performing single sign-ons, etc. These are enabled with any Yellowfin license.
  • Report Services involve loading reports/dashboard definitions, rendering reports into your interface, etc. This requires a Server license.


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All of Yellowfin's web services are not yet documented in this section. Additional services will be included soon.