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With the introduction of Assisted Insights, Yellowfin is combining machine learning with human context to generate automated insights, such as smart data visualizations with their natural language narratives.


Assisted Insights Functionalities

Yellowfin offers two means of generating automated insights:


Assisted DiscoveryAt the report builder, Assisted Discovery is used to let Yellowfin auto-generate charts and insights. This is performed through the Smart Analysis button once required data is added to the report builder. An Insight Wizard then enables the user to provide the context for the analysis and uses that information to generate charts and their explanations, as opposed to a manual data discovery process.
Instant Insights

The Instant Insights feature allows users to rapidly uncover insights in their data with minimal effort. Users can choose to get a deeper explanation of the data they are seeing, or compare two data points on a chart to understand differences. Yellowfin will automatically perform data analysis, run a series of algorithms and rank the insights that it presents. Yellowfin’s narrative engine automatically interprets your findings for you and provides natural language explanations in summary or detail form. Once generated, the analysis can be edited, saved and shared with others or on dashboards.

Before you can perform Instant Insights, the system administrator will need to configure the Insights settings through the View builder. After that, users who have the correct security access to carry out the task will be able to use this functionality.


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