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In order for Yellowfin to retrieve results to populate reports a database connection must exist. This connection record provides Yellowfin with the location, user credentials, and logon method to be used in order to access your database.

Database connections must be set up in Administration, following the steps outlined below.


Create a Data Source Connection


1. Start the Data Source creation process by using one of these methods:


    • Left Side Nav - open the left side navigation panel, click on Create, select the Data Source option


    • Top Right Button - click on the create button, select the Data Source option.


    • Toolbar - click on the Create link in the toolbar, select the Data Source option.

    • Admin Console - navigate to the Admin Console, open the Data Sources section, click on the Add button.

You will now see the New Connection lightbox.

Left Side NavigationTop Right (with Left Side Nav enabled)
ToolbarAdmin Console

2. From here you will need to either;


    • Select your data source,

    • Choose a platform, or

    • Upload a new connector

We're going to select a Database from the source type list.

3. You will now see the basic parameters required for your source connection.

4. Provide the required connection parameters.

See Understanding Connection Parameters for more information.

5. Once you've completed your connection information, you will have several options;


    • Advanced Connection Editor - this will take you to the Data Source page in the Admin Console and allow you to edit all the advanced options available for your data source.

    • Test Connection - this will allow Yellowfin to test the connection parameters you provided to ensure it can connect to your data source.

    • Create View - this will save your connection and start you creating a view based on it.

    • Save & Close - this will allow you to save your connection and close the New Connection lightbox, returning you to the page you were on previously.

    • Cancel - this closes the New Connection lightbox without saving your connection, returning you to the page you were on previously.

We're going to click on the Save & Close option.


You've now created your first Data Source connection. To view the connection simply navigate to the Admin Console and open the Data Sources list.


Further Information

For more information around the creation of Source Connections in Yellowfin see the Managing a Data Source  and Advanced Connection Editor pages of the wiki.