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The Yellowfin Installer supports three modes of operation:

  1. Standard Graphical Installer
  2. Command-line Installer
  3. Silent Installer

See Installer Properties for more information.

The default behaviour is to launch the graphical installer. If no graphical environment is available, for example on a headless linux/unix server, the command-line installer will be launched instead. The installation mode can be specifically selected by adding a switch argument to the command used to run the installer:

java -jar yellowfin-yyyymmdd-full.jar -gui
java -jar yellowfin-yyyymmdd-full.jar -cmd
java -jar yellowfin-yyyymmdd-full.jar -silent

If the graphical installer is requested with –gui, but no graphical environment is available, an error message will be displayed.

There is also a Windows executable version of the installer, which only supports graphical installation mode.

Each installation mode performs the same tasks, and requires the same parameter values to be entered. However, the way they are displayed is quite different.
The general process undertaken by the installer is:

  1. Obtain values for user options
  2. Install distribution files
  3. Setup Yellowfin database
  4. Perform post-installation tasks

The installer provides a high level of customisation. Installer properties may be set which can be used to customise the text and images displayed during the installation, pre-populate user options, hide or show different options, and perform post-installation tasks to change the default behaviour of Yellowfin.

The silent installer does not display a user interface. This can be useful when bundling the Yellowfin installer as part of another installer that has its own user interface.

User Options

These options are required for installation:

  1. Whether to install the Tutorial Database and Sample Reports
  2. Whether to install the US GeoPack
  3. Location of the Yellowfin Licence File
  4. App Server Port
  5. Whether to install a Windows Service (only when the installer is run on a Windows system)
  6. Connection Parameters for the Yellowfin Database
  7. Installation Directory

In the graphical and command-line installations, these values can be entered by the user. Default values may be specified in the custom properties file or on the command-line, which will be displayed in the graphical installation.

In the silent installation, there is no user input, so the values specified in the custom properties file and on the command-line are used.