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The procedure below allows you to enable JavaScript Charts on your chart canvas.

  1. Get to the Admin Console screen through Main menu > Administration > Admin Console
  2. Expand Roles and choose the user role you want to enable this feature for; you will be taken to the Role Details page
  3. On the roles permission panel, expand Report Builder
  4. Select the JavaScript Charts checkbox and click on save

  5. Then log out of the system and back in again to let this selection take effect
  6. Next navigate to Administration > Configuration
  7. Click on the Settings icon

  8. Select the Security option on there
  9. Now enable the JavaScript Charts button

    If you have a multi client organisation, you can use the Client Org JavaScript Charts button to switch this feature on for your clients.

  10. Click on the Save button
  11. After making changes, log out of the system and then log in again to make the JavaScript chart appear.



JavaScript Charting

Once you've completed the steps above, you should be able to create JavaScript Charts.

  1. Get to the Charts builder page 
  2. A new button should appear on the right side icons menu

  3. Click on it to expand the panel, and then select the JS icon

  4. The JavaScript chart builder page will appear, consisting of some helpful JavaScript templates to get you started with your charts

  5. To learn more about creating JS charts, click here.







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