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Field folders are used to display groups of fields defined in the View, for use in the Report Builder. They are purely for display purposes and contain no forms of security like their Content Category counterparts. A list of folders can be found through Administration > Admin Console > Field Folders, where you can Add, Edit, and Delete.


Add Field Folders

To add a new folder, click on the Add button at the bottom of the Field Folders list in the Admin Console. Here you will need to provide a text label for the folder. Click Save to complete.

Your new field folders will now be available for selection when editing a View Category, or through the View Builder Fields Step.


Edit Field Folders

To edit the name of a folder, click on it in the Field Folders list in the Admin Console. Here you will be able to change the text label defined, and also provide translation text for defined languages if you have the Content Translation functionality enabled.

Delete Field Folders

To delete a folder, click on the x at the end of its row in the Field Folders list in the Admin Console. Here you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Simply click Yes to proceed.


Note: If the folder is currently in use, you will be shown the following prompt informing you of which View Categories currently use the folder, and how many fields are contained in each. You will not be able to delete the category until the fields have been reassigned.


Adjust Field Folders in View

Field Folders can also be adjusted through the View Builder if, during the process of creating or editing a View, an administrator realises they need additional folders. On the View Fields step of the builder, click on the Edit Categories option in the main panel.

You will now see a window with all the available field categories. The left list contains folders not in use by the current View Category, the right contains ones that are in use. Administrators can add and remove from the active list, as well as create new folders.

Note: it's important to remember that editing Field Folders through the View Builder does not just adjust the list for the current view, but all views currently using the selected View Category.