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This procedure will help explain how to use the Set Analysis charting function. To learn more about this function, click here.

In our example, we will create a custom data set to view only the profits generated by male athletes in all the regions.


  1. Ensure that your report includes metric fields.
  2. Based on our example, we will use the Region field for one of the axis.
  3. Drag the set analysis function to the other axis field in your chart builder.
  4. A popup should appear, requiring information on the customized data set to create.

  5. Provide a name for your data set.
  6. Choose a metric field that your set will be based on. (Based on our example, this would the profit field.)
  7. Select a filter field from the drop down to filter your metric field data. (We will choose the gender field as intended in our example.)

  8. Then choose an operator and click on the define value to complete the filter.

  9. Select a value for your filter (e.g. male) and click on the Submit button.

  10. A filter logic will also show the filters applied to our data set. You can always add more filters to further filter down your data set.

  11. Click on the Submit button. The chart builder will display the filtered metric data.




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