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This section provides a tutorial on Yellowfin Stories.



With Yellowfin Stories, users can share and have a dialogue about their business metrics, and provide external context the happens outside their data and human narrative without the need for external tools, such as email, or third-party documents. Yellowfin Stories merges visual analysis with text, so you can perform long form analysis, in a collaborative environment, by including reports, images, videos, with text. The simple UI enables you to tell a story, much as you would writing a blog post with ease.


Story Factors

This feature has many benefits that you utilize all within the Yellowfin BI Suite.

  • Human narrative: The analysts who understand data can create data stories to best interpret insights by providing context and human narratives.
  • Supported content: Besides text, additional artifacts, such as reports, images, videos are also supported in Yellowfin Stories. Unlike most external tools, you can easily embed live, interactive charts and reports into your data stories.
  • Data transparency and governance: Ensures a data story is validated by providing complete transparency into its authors, editors, collaborators, as all the users who have contributed on a Story are clearly displayed. Readers can be more confident in the legitimacy of a Story when they see that experts have contributed to it. Transparency into reports is also provided - filters and data is clearly visible, as opposed to screenshots.
  • Security: Yellowfin's security framework ensures that Story collaborators and readers are managed and restricted.
  • Auto saving: Stories are automatically saved as you create them, so there is no risk of losing data if you forget to save before exiting the system, or in case of a sudden system malfunction.
  • Smooth storytelling: Users get a frictionless workflow, since there is no requirement to switch between tools that could cause delays or make the writer lose focus.
  • Engaging readers: Stories gives readers a chance to provide feedback and engage with other users. 

External BI Content

You can embed reports from other BI tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, can also be used with Yellowfin Stories. Quickly embed these reports by providing a report link through a special button. Learn more here.


Editing a Story is currently not supported in Internet Explorer.

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