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Follow the instructions below to connect Yellowfin to a Clickhouse data source.


Before you use Clickhouse as a data source, Yellowfin needs a driver to connect to it. Yellowfin does not ship with the driver due to licensing/paywall considerations, but you can upload your preferred driver via the Yellowfin Plugin Manager

Once you have uploaded a driver for Clickhouse, follow the steps below connect your data source.


Follow these steps to create and authenticate this connection. 

  1. Click on the yellow Create button  and select Data Source from the list
  2. Click on the Database data source in the top left corner
  3. Type in a name and (optional) description for this data source, then select the driver from the dropdown list
    Yellowfin will pre-fill some of the fields below, but others will require manual input
  4. Enter values into the remaining fields, using your Clickhouse database details
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the Create View button and choose the option (see Creating a Basic Data Source Connection for more information on each of these options)

  6. Choose your preferred option to complete the steps.

We recommend testing the connection, and then saving it by using the Save & Close button.

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