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Before using the Data Transformation module, ensure that you have security access to use it and that your platform has been properly set up with a writable data source. 

Granting Security Access for Data Transformation

Ensure that you have the correct security function to access the Data Transformation module. The guide below shows you how to enable this:

Note: This is enabled by default for administrators.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Admin Console from the left side menu.

  2. Expand Roles and click on the user role for which you want this feature activated.

  3. In the Functions panel, extend Data Sources & Views.
  4. Then select the checkbox for Data Transformations.

  5. Finally, press the Save button.
  6. For this change to take effect, the user must log out of the system and log in again.

Writable Data Source

 To save your transformed output somewhere, you require a writable data source. This should be the target database where you want your transformed data to be stored and accessed from.

Here’s how to make any data source writable. (In our example, we will change the settings of Yellowfin’s default Ski Team data to writable.)

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console (left side menu > Administration > Admin Console).
  2. Expand the Data Sources section, and click on the data source that you want to convert to a writable format.

  3. Expand the Usage Parameters section, and enable the Writable button.

  4. Then click on the Save button to apply this change.
  5. If successful, the following icon will appear next to this data source on the Admin Console page, to show that it is writable.

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