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Like Drill Down, Drill Anywhere allows the user to move through levels of detail within a single report. The difference here is that the hierarchy, or path, is built by the user during the drill process, rather than the administrator during the view building stage.

For example, perhaps you are looking at a sales report categorised by region. Instead of having to drill into a straightforward hierarchy, like Region > Country > State > Location, you can select from a list of enabled Drill Anywhere dimension fields. This would allow you to use drill paths such as Region > Product, Region > Demographic, and Region > Time.

Each time you drill, you will be supplied with a drill path, much like the breadcrumbs used for Drill Down. And each time, the field value you drilled into, will be used as a filter for the next level.

In the example depicted here, the user has chosen to drill into the detail of the Luxury demographic, and selected to view the Gender breakdown within Luxury as the second level.

The drilled report, with one level of breadcrumbs displayed at the top of the report.

Note: Interacting with Drill Anywhere is very similar to that of the standard Drill Down functionality. The differences in the setup process are outlined below.


Initial Setup

When your administrator sets up your view, they will need to define dimension fields to be enabled for Drill Anywhere use. To do this, they will need to format the field they wish to enable, navigate to the Access tab, and enable Drill Anywhere use.


Using Drill Anywhere


Select Analysis Type

Yellowfin has several different analysis options. To select the type of analysis you wish to apply, click on the Drill Anywhere radio button on the Report Options Analysis section.


Add Drill Fields to your Report

Add one or more enabled Drill Anywhere dimensions to your report.

Note: If your report does not have any hyperlinked fields when viewed on the Report Preview page, you either have not enabled Drill Anywhere on the report, or the dimension you are using is not set up for Drill Anywhere in the view.