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Using either the drill down hierarchies or related reports option you can set up drill on charts. This allows users to click on a specific chart section and drill down or through to a related report for more detail. Using this option you can set up charts that drill into more detailed charts or tables, providing users with a greater level of data analysis.


Chart drill functionality inherits the drill parameters of the report. Use the standard drill functions to setup the drill parameters for a report.

See Drill Down and Drill Through for more information.

Note: Ensure that the report drill through parameters and fields are the same that are used in your chart.

Chart Drill Through Settings

When creating your chart(s) there are a range of options you can apply to enable drill functionality that you have applied to your report.

Drill EnabledAllAll of the compatible drill through relationships, defined on the Related Reports step of the builder, will be used on this chart.
OneOnly one of the drill through relationships, defined on the Related Reports step of the builder, will be used on this chart.
Enabled Report(Report List)

Here you can define which Drill Through report relation is used on the chart. All others will be ignored for this chart.

Note: This option is only available when Drills Enabled is set to One.

Drill Through RelationshipAutomaticThe drill through relationships to be used on this chart will automatically be set up. For this to happen all the join fields defined in each relationship must be a chart component in order for the relationship to link correctly. The defined hyperlink field in the relationship is ignored as the link is automatically applied.
FullThe drill through relationships to be used in this report will be set up with whatever link fields are used in the chart, all other defined link fields will be omitted as part of the drill. The hyperlink field will be used as defined in the Related Reports step.

Supported Charts

Below is a table of drill functionality by chart type.

Note: All charts can use Link To drilling.

Chart TypeChartDrill DownDrill AnywhereDrill Through
Auto ChartSelect Scenarios
Box & Whisker
Trellis (Select Scenarios)
Heat Grid
Area (Time Series)
Stacked Area
BarHorizontal Bar
Horizontal Bar (Time Series)
3D Horizontal Bar
Stacked Horizontal Bar
Stacked Horizontal Bar (Time Series)
Horizontal Cylinder
Proportional Bar
ColumnVertical Column
Vertical Column (Time Series)
3D Vertical Column
Stacked Vertical Column
Stacked Vertical Column (Time Series)
3D Stacked Column
Layered Column
Combination ChartsCombined Category
Combined Category (Time Series)
Overlay Chart
Overlay Chart (Time Series)
Financial Financial Line
High Low
Line (Time Series)
3D Line
Z Chart
MapRaster Map
Google Map
GIS Google Map
GIS Bubble Map
GIS Heat Map
3D Pie
Multi Pie
Special PurposeFunnel
Proportional Infographic
Comparative Infographic
Week Density
Digital Numeric Display
Numeric Display