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Follow the steps below to set up your views for approval:

It is assumed that the user performing this task has administrative rights and can access/enable this feature.


  1. Through your left side navigation menu, go to Administration > Admin Console

  2. Expand Content Folders; you can now view a list of all the folders already existing

    Security settings such as view approval can only be performed on sub-level content folders, not the main folders.

    You can also edit content folders through the browse page. Follow this path:

    Main menu > Browse > Browse All > All Folder > Edit

  3. You can enable the approval feature on a pre-existing content folder

    If you want to create a new content sub-folder with the approval enabled, first add the folder, then edit its settings to activate this setting, as described in the following steps. (Here's how you add a new content folder.)

  4. Select the name of the content folder

  5. Then choose the user access option from the tabs on top of the popup box

  6. Enable the top right expert approval required to publish setting
  7. In the new panel that appears at the bottom, select an approver:
    1. Click on 'Search'
    2. Then choose one or more user(s) from the list that appears

  8. You can also alter the folder security to make its item public or private or leave it unsecured (Read more about this here.)
  9. Finally, use the Submit button to save these changes
  10. You will notice a new icon next to this content folder in the list of all folders; this shows that this content folder now has the view approval setting enabled

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