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How do I share a report with a person if they don’t exist as a user within Yellowfin? How can my JavaScript API embedded reports be browsed in my website which does not require user authentication?

To do that, you must have a server license. This allows users to view Yellowfin reports without logging in.

  1. External Access needs to be enabled: This is done via Administration > Configuration > Authentication.

  2. You need to setup a ‘Guest Role’: Once you have External Access enabled, you will have an option to create a new role as ‘Guest’:

  3. Confirm the Base URL: Set base URL which will be used to form a report/dashboard URL. This base URL should be available for users (external from website or internal within your network).

  4. Confirm the Report security level is Unsecure: You will also need to confirm the report security level is set to ‘unsecure’. These settings are applied to the Report Category, you need to create unsecured Category:

  5. Then save the reports/dashboards which are supposed to be accessed via Guest role in that Category. 
  6. If you have met all the criteria mentioned above you will now be able to send the URL from the Report Information to a user or browse embedded report/dashboard without login.



  • You can also access 'unsecure' dashboard tabs and reports on that tab.
  • The user will be able to access areas of Yellowfin defined in the guest role.
  • You will need to have a Server license enabled to allow external access.


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