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Yellowfin's export and import modules let you migrate your content between multiple Yellowfin instances, for example allowing you to transfer content from one instance to another (such as from QA to production). You can do this by exporting your content into an external file (such as a yfx file) and then importing that yfx file into the destination system. This module enables you to track and compare each file you transfer through its universally unique identifiers (or UUID), to restrict multiple copies of the same reports and data from existing in an environment. Therefore, even if the same files have different names, Yellowfin will be able to detect that they a are match and warn you from copying them, saving you from an overload of redundant data from existing in your system.

An important concept to know about here is content dependencies, which we will learn about next.

Content Dependencies

Dependencies are any content that the main or primary content is dependent on to function properly in a Yellowfin environment. For example, a report is dependent on a view, and the view on a data source. Therefore, for the report to work in a Yellowfin instance, it relies on that view and data source to be present in that instance.

Yellowfin's content dependency structure is illustrated below.

When transferring dependencies you don't need to worry about mapping each content with your data; Yellowfin will detect if the correct items are already present in the destination environment. If they aren't, you will receive warnings of the missing data and be asked to assign replacements.

Exporting and Importing

Refer to either of the procedures to learn how to perform the export or import processes.

Only Yellowfin users and administrators who have special rights and permissions to export and import content, can carry out these tasks.

Understanding the Status Bar

Click here to learn more about the unique status bar on these screens, including the functions that you can perform through it.