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The Data Transformation module supports different ways of extracting data from sources and loading it into Yellowfin, using the input steps. This section will show you how to use and configure each of these steps.



Types of Input Steps

Click on the name of an input step in the table below to learn how to configure it.



Input Step


Third-party ConnectorTo extract data from a single third-party connection table. The connectors currently supported are: Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Salesforce.

Freehand SQL

Use this method to import data from a database using an SQL query.

Single table

This input step can be used to import data from a single database table.

Delimited file

This input method is used when extracting data from a delimited file (that is, a file with separators).


Use this method to use a Yellowfin report as the source of data. This method accepts 2-dimensional reports, but not multi-dimensional ones. The following types of reports are currently not supported: Jasper, SSRS, and BIRT.






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