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The Section format tab contains a number of menus that you can use to format the report sections.

Each of these sections is described below.




Define the title of the section field.


Each data type will have a unique set of format options – eg Text, Date or Numeric.

See Display Formats for details on each type.

Sub Format

Depending on the format option you have chosen for the column above you will have a separate set of sub format options. Select the appropriate sub format option.

Section Style

Select from three available section display styles:

  • Single Page: displays all sections on one page.
  • Multiple Page: displays each section on a separate page. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of data to display on a single report.
  • Tabbed: displays each section on a separate tab. This is a visually clear and easy to navigate way of splitting your report.
    Note: only the top section field has the Tabbed option available.

Show Labels

Display or hide the field name label for each section, before the section value.



Display Style

Define the formatting style for each section heading.

  • Body Title - Use the standard report title formatting for each section.
  • Table Header - Use the same formatting used in the table header, joining the section details to the top of each table.
  • Custom - Apply custom font formatting to the selected section.

Font Style

When the Custom display style is selected, define the formatting to be applied. This covers the font face, font size, font colour, and font style.

Background Colour

When the Custom display style is selected, define the background colour for the section heading.


Define the alignment for the section heading.



Section Summary

Define the field to be used as a section summary table at the top of the report.
Note: this is not available for cross tab reports.

Section Total

Display totals for each section.

Show Labels

Display a field name label for the sections, before the section value.

Grand Totals

Display grand totals for this section.



Sort Direction

Define the sort direction, ascending or descending, for the section values.

See Sections for more information.