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Before upgrading, we suggest that you review the release notes to ensure you understand what has changed. You can access the release notes here.

If you are upgrading to Version 9 for the first time, we encourage you to review the Version 9 Change Management document which you can find here.

You can download the latest patch installer for your platform from the Yellowfin Releases section on the Support Portal – note a login to the Support Portal is required to access patch installers.


Before running the patch installer, please perform the following steps:

  1. Take a backup of the Yellowfin configuration database.
  2. Shutdown the Yellowfin Server.
    1. If you are running Yellowfin as a Windows service, stop the service.
    2. If you are running Yellowfin from the Windows Start Menu, please select "Stop Yellowfin Server" from the Start Menu.
    3. If you are running Yellowfin as a Linux command link, please run Yellowfin/appserver/bin/

Run the patch installer

Welcome Screen

In the welcome screen, click the arrow to start installation or it will automatically continue after 15 seconds.


Select the language, the default language will be displayed based on the user’s machine settings, click Next.

License Agreement

Accept the Software License Agreement. The Yellowfin end-user software agreement is available here.

Installation Path

Search and select the location of the Yellowfin installation that you want to upgrade.

Once you confirm the installation location, click Update to start the upgrade.


The bar shows the progress of the installation, once completed, click Finish to conclude the upgrade process.

Installation Completion

This screen shows the details of how to start the upgraded Yellowfin installation, based on your chosen platform. Click Close to exit the patch installer.


If you use the Yellowfin web service client library for web service integration, the yfws file can be found at the builds download page.

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