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Yellowfin content can also be embedded into external web pages using IFrames (Or Inline Frames). This makes for another seamless integration between Yellowfin and a third-party application, without the use of specially designed headers and footers.

Integration with IFrames

To perform this type of integration, you can place the SSO login URL into an IFrame tag, that can be added directly into an existing application's page. The following example shows this:

<iframe src=http://<host>:<port>/logon.i4?LoginWebserviceId=<TOKEN>" width=1200 height=1000></iframe>

Yellowfin will usually be configured to have no header or footer enabled, rendering only the functional area of the platform.


IFrame integration is an easy integration option but comes with some caveats. For example, you may notice the following issues:

  • Double scroll bars may appear, one around the IFrame and one inside Yellowfin where scroll windows are implemented.
  • Security issues with some browsers stop JavaScript from running properly in IFrames.
  • Pop-up windows launched from within IFrames can cause problems.

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