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Most of the formatting options available to you are accessed through the report and chart format menu. However, once your report has been generated you can use some drag and drop formatting options to change the layout of your report.

The drag and drop formatting are only available whilst a report is in DRAFT mode. If the report is ACTIVE you will not see these options.


Resize Charts

Charts can be resized whilst your report is in draft mode. This allows you to determine the exact fit of the chart on your report.

  1. When in DRAFT a chart will have a resize icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click the icon and hold.
  2. Drag your chart into the size that you require. A transparent version of the chart will show you a representation of the chart size.
  3. Let go of the cursor to set the chart size


Chart Placement

If you have selected table and chart display then you will be able to reposition your chart relative to the table on the report.

  1. Click on a non-active area of the chart. (eg white space) Hold down the cursor.
  2. Drag your cursor around the table to a point where you wish to place your chart. You will see a small chart icon indicates the position of the chart.
  3. Let go of the cursor and report will be refreshed with the chart in its new position.