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With Yellowfin’s view builder you can create derived columns based on the fields sourced from the database. These calculations can include simple mathematical calculations or more complex SQL statements.



You can create a number of different types of calculated columns including:



Formula Builder

This allows you to build calculations through a builder interface, rather than having to write the SQL yourself.

Grouped Values

This allows you to create a field that returns grouped results.

View Defined Calculated Filters

This allows you to define filters for Report Writers to use, rather than defining them for each report.


This allows you to define a field that can have its value defined by a Report Reader and then passed into the report for What If analysis.

View Defined Filter Groups

This allows you to create a set of fields to be used as filters in reports. This can include filter dependencies and cached values.

Freehand SQL

This allows you to build a calculation by writing the SQL, rather than using a builder.

Formula Templates (Custom Functions)

This allows you to build a calculation using a template, rather than having to use a builder, simply by specifying the fields it requires.

Date Hierarchy

This allows you to create a time based hierarchy by converting date fields into various formats to create each level.

Create New Column

You can create new calculated fields within your view as required.

  1. To create a new field open the Calculated Fields folder in the unattached folders list. Here you will see sub folders for:
    1. Formula Builder,
    2. Freehand SQL,
    3. Formula Templates (Custom Functions),
    4. and Date Hierarchy.
  2. These are different ways that you can create calculations. Select how you wish to create the field by either selecting to create a new calculated formula, or type in an SQL statement, or use an existing function as defined in the custom function XML file (See Using Custom Functions).
  3. Choose the type you want and drag it into the report folders like you would a normal field. This will open the field edit section. Define the metadata for the field as usual.
  4. Advance to the formula entry by clicking the Formula tab, unless you chose the Date Hierarchy, this is set on the first tab.