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On the Timeline feed there are a range of different events displayed. To view a full list of events and scenarios, see the Timeline Events page.

While on a Timeline feed you will be able to:

  1. View events relating to a user and content
  2. Open content referred to in events
  3. Post Comments, Updates, Opportunities, and Issues
  4. View comment threads
  5. Respond to comment threads


User Profile

The User Profile panel is displayed on the left of all the Timeline feed.

User ProfileSectionDescription
Profile Image

The user can upload an image of themselves to display here, to make identification easier.

Full NameThis is the full name of the user, as defined in their settings.
Job TitleThe user can specify their job title in their settings.
User DescriptionThis area can be populated with a small blurb about the user. Defined in their settings, this is an optional field.
FollowingThis displays the number of users someone is connected to and following in their timeline. This is not the number of users following this individual.
StreamsThis displays the number of discussions the user is involved in or following.
FavouritesThis the number of items specified as a favourite.


Filtering Timeline

SearchThis search allows the user to narrow down the events they see in their feed, in order to locate specific posts or pieces of content.
Post Type

This option allows the users to specify which type of posts they see in their feed, from;

    • Tasks
    • Discussion Streams
    • Proposals
    • Decisions


This option allows the user to specify the items they see based on the priority assigned to them:

    • All
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High

This option allows the user to specify the items they see based on their current status:

    • All
    • Assigned
    • In Progress / Discussion Stream
    • Review / Proposal
    • Complete
    • Rejected
Favourite FlagThis option allows the user to restrict the items they are seeing just to ones they have marked as favourite or "flagged".
ResetThis option allows the user to clear all the above items, resetting their timeline feed to show everything.
LayoutThis option allows the user to specify which layout they look at on the page. They will be on the Timeline layout to see their event feed.
ConnectionsThis option opens the Connections panel on the right of the screen, allowing the user to explore people they are connected to in the system and to establish new connections.


Opening Content

While viewing events in the Timeline feed, you will be able to open pieces of content listed. Simply click on a content thumbnail to open outside of the Timeline.

More information coming soon...

Posting to a Timeline

The Timeline feed allows you to post comments or updates on a user's timeline, much like the way you would post in a discussion group. You will always be able to post to your own feed, and you will be able to post to a user's feed you have connected to. To post to a user's feed that you aren't connected to their timeline will need to be defined as Public in their user settings.

More information coming soon...


Viewing a Post's Thread

More information coming soon...

Replying to a Post

More information coming soon...


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