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In order to integrate the data science models into an instance of Yellowfin, install the plug-in for the modelling platform or format. These plug-ins will allow models to be connected via the Advanced Function or Data Transformation features.


Here's how to install the plug-in to support the modelling output:


  1. Download the plugin from Yellowfin’s Marketplace:
    1. Go to the Marketplace ( ).
    2. Click on Transform Steps.

    3. Select and download the plugin you require.
  2. Return to Yellowfin, and navigate to the Admin Console screen. (Left side menu > Administration > Admin Console.)
  3. Click on Plugin Management under Administration in the right-side panel.

  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Then drag the plugin in the New Plugin lightbox, or click on the icon to browse and select it.

  6. Enter a name for it, and if required, a brief description.
  7. Then click on the Submit button.

  8. The plugin will appear on the Plugin Management page.





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