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Yellowfin's data science modeling functionality allows you to bring machine learning models into production, through integration with common data science platforms and model interchange formats. This currently includes:

  • PMML

  • PFA


  • R


Yellowfin Channels

There are two ways to utilize this functionality:

  • Advanced Functions: This is done through Yellowfin's Report Builder. Use the advanced functions when creating a report, to directly tap into your data science models, and run post-query analysis across your data set.
  • Data Transformation: Using Yellowfin's Data Transformation module, you can pull in your model via a transformation widget to produce a seamless flow into your environment.



Yellowfin offers plug-ins to allow you to integrate and visualize your data science models built in PMML, PFA, H2O, and more into your platform. You can find these on your Marketplace, under Transform Steps. Learn how to install them here.




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