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Here's how to integrate a PMML model into your platform.


  1. Save your model in the PMML (.xml) format.
  2. Build a Yellowfin report with data you wish to generate predictions for.
  3. Drag in a new column that is of the same data type as the prediction to be generated. For example, if your model returns a categorical prediction such as gender, you would want to use a text dimension.
  4. Within the column formatting drop-down, click Advanced Function. 

  5. Select the Statistical option from the drop-down and select the feature you wish to use.


  6. Provide the full filepath or URL to the PMML file and click Load. If the file path has not been correctly specified, you will need to click Reset, adjust the path, and click Load again. 

  7. If Yellowfin is able to load the specified file, detailed configuration options will appear.
  8. First, specify which model output result you would like to generate. This will often be just the Default Target, but can also include other variables.

  9. Next, match the input columns required by your model, with the appropriate columns in the Yellowfin report.

  10. Click Save. 
  11. Note: If there was a problem in processing the file, check that you have provided valid columns of the same data type required by the model, or look at the yellowfin.log file for a complete error description.



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